Xender App Review

Why Xender App is Better than Conventional Bluetooth Connection to Transfer Files/Apps

Xender is a natural, free and a convenient tool associated with the transfer of files from any of your phone device to another one in no time and without any cable connection. Xender app has become the worldwide best phone-to-phone file sharing and app sharing application.

Noticing fact about Xender is that it provides you with the most natural way related to transfer of files and apps from a particular device to another one at the highest possible speed and that too without any requirement of Wi-Fi facility, cables or cell phone connection; instead, it provides you with unlimited and free data usage.
Xender app thus meets the requirement of users to transfer every type of file seamlessly with other devices and various iPhone devices to provide support to cross-platform transfers. Even you may share games, images, documents, videos, movies and varieties of apps.

Another fantastic feature of the app is that it transfers files at the highest possible speed. If this is not enough, by using Xender app, you may share data and applications between four different types of devices simultaneously. In this way, you will find an ideal way to distribute different things between various small groups, like your friends and family members.

The scope of Xender Application

Xender app has allowed following major applications for its phone users-
• Sharing of pictures, games, videos, movies and apps at any time and even without the requirement of mobile data or internet connection
• Transfer of data from any old phone device to a new one with a single click by using the replicate button of a phone device.
• The app offers customisation features, because of which you may easily add images and user name of your own choice
• Xender allows you to view photos, enjoy songs and watch favourite movies or videos
• Xender app lets you connect the maximum of 5 devices simultaneously and share images spontaneously.

What Makes Xender App better than Bluetooth?

Most of the file transfer apps force users to connect their phone devices by using Bluetooth. On the other side, Xender is simple, and it creates a specific wireless connection to transfer data directly. Because of this, it exchanges data at the highest possible speed without data wastage and Bluetooth settings, thanks to the use of smart technology. Key features to make Xender superior to Bluetooth are-

  • Comprehensive App
    Xender app is a comprehensive one for every type of file sharing requirements. The app allows its users in sharing almost every file irrespective of its size during any time without the usage of mobile data.
  • 200Times Faster Speed than Bluetooth
    Xender application provides support to iOS, Android, PC/Mac, Windows and other related cross-platform transfers with about 200times faster speed as compared to Bluetooth.
  • Reduction in the Installation Size
    If we talk about the updated version of Xender available for Android, we have observed that its installation reduced to about 4.5M and would compress further if you do not use the Wi-Fi connection. Because of this, you may share files rapidly and conveniently.
  • Creating Backup Copy is Simple as 123
    Gone those days when you have to worry about wasting hours to create the backup of your important phone data to format your device or clean its storage space.
  • Instead, you should use Xender app to view, transfer/move and delete files received or to create backup copy whenever you have the requirement related to cleaning the storage space of your phone device.
  • Other Noticing Features of Xender App
  • Xender satisfies varieties of operational requirements with various functions described to file transfers, such as opening, installation, uninstalling, viewing, deleting and so on.
  • Along with file transfer and share, Xender app protects the users’ privacy levels and hide almost every app or file from prying eyes prevailing over the internet.
  • Steps to Download Xender App
    Android users have to follow a few simple and easy steps to download the Xender app. However, to start with, you have to download the respective APK file. Once you do this, you have to follow further steps, as we have mentioned here.
  • You have to activate the option of Unknown sources from the Security Settings available on your phone device. For this, you should choose Settings, move to Security and then to Unknown Sources.
  • You have to click on the APK file and step ahead for the installation process.
  • If you have to download the app from Google Play Store, you may get it installed automatically. Once it installed successfully, it will display on your mobile’s app screen. Accordingly,
  • Download Xender from the Google Play Store or the official website of Xender and any other trustworthy source.
  • On visiting the Play Store, you have to search for Xender app displayed on the search bar and click on the Installation option.
  • You will get a dialogue box, where you have to accept terms and conditions, where you should click on Accept tab.
  • On doing this, you will find Xender app, as downloaded as well as installed in only a few minutes on its own.
  • Conclusion
    Because of all these critical aspects of Xender application, its demand is consistently increasing in the Google Play Store. Besides file transfer, the app supports viewing images, listening to music and playing videos with an only single click.

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