Xender File Transfer

Overview of Xender App

Xender is the universal leading application to share as well as transfer files. The app offers phone or computer users with the convenience to transfer/share data of different sizes and types. The best thing about Xender file transfer is that it allows connection or file transfer in between various devices, whether iOS mobile phones, Android mobile phones or anything else without any requirement of WI-FI, mobile data/cell phone’s internet connection, external cables, and any other external sources.

Xender App for Different Devices

Xender file transfer application helps users to transfer valuable data between different cross-platform devices, i.e., Android to Personal Computers, Android to iPhone and vice versa. According to technological experts, Xender is available in different versions, as mentioned here.

• Xender for Android

Xender APK, i.e. Xender for Android is a type of Android application suits correctly to facilitate file transfer between various Smartphones and Android platform at the ultra-fast speed. The best thing about Xender app for Android is that it is available for every Android version.

• Xender for Windows Phone

We know that usage of applications related to the transfer of files, especially photos and videos has increased and will continue to increase shortly because of social media platforms and smart mobiles. In fact, on an average, smartphone users stay connected with internet for about 14hours in a day. Hence, Xender file transfer is now available for Windows Phone, which lets you transfer files in between Windows Phone devices or from Windows Phone to Android.

• Xender for Personal Computers

Other than the availability of Xender app for smart mobile devices or mobile phones, Xender file transfer application lets transfer of files from phones to Personal Computers (PCs) with the help of bluestack applications available on PC. Technological experts call this as Xender for Personal Computers or Xender for PC.

• Xender for iPhone Free Download

We all know very well that iPhone is the worldwide top mobile phone device and comes with unique design as compared to its competitors. Indeed, iPhone users require downloading of various applications, videos, music files and other media files from iTunes or Apple App Store.

If your friends have varieties of media files and applications to share via iPhone device to your iPhone, you do not have to worry at all. Instead, you may now get Xender file transfer application for your iPhone device. This lets you share both of your media and document files and almost everything by using the Xender app. The best thing is that you do not have to use any external device or data cable to do so.

Features of Xender File Transfer

  • Sends contacts, music, photos, files, videos, and applications to other devices by following simple and easy steps
  • Sends almost every record at the fastest possible speed, i.e. 50times higher rate as compared to the transfer speed of Bluetooth
  • Shares files/data with multiple devices i.e. gives support to about five devices
  • Facilitates document and media files transfer as well as sharing on a cross-platform basis between iOS and Android devices
  • Helps in natural connection with your PCs
  • Promotes the feature of phone replicate, accordingly, you may copy, clone, replicate each of your data from your old handset to a new one
  • Slide feature to send photo or picture by simply sliding images to any other phone device
  • Shake the phone device and send files

How to install and Xender Works

Xender file transfer app works by following a few simple and easy steps. Whenever any user connects with his/her friends, the app does not utilize the device’s mobile data. Instead, it creates an internet Wi-Fi hotspot on a particular device, on which other users may opt to join their devices.

In this way, the app sets up a direct link between different devices that too without the use of any internet connection, because of which the app avoids incurring of data usage largely. Furthermore, the establishment of a direct link via Wi-Fi technology lets the app to transfer any file regardless of its size or type at about 50times faster speed as compared to Bluetooth connection.

How Xender is Beneficial to Users

Until now, users of Android, iPhone, Windows phone and personal computers have obtained following significant benefits by using Xender file transfer app.

1. Scope to Save Mobile Data/Internet

As mentioned before, Xender lets users easy sharing of music, videos, video clips, and photos as well as transfer apps and files by creating a hotspot created from any host phone device. Indeed, it eliminates the need of an online connection or mobile data and thereby, gives a scope to save internet or mobile data.

2. Sharing Files/Data on Varying Platforms

Xender file transfer application allows users to share files/data between PCs, phones and other devices on varying platforms, like Windows, iOS, and Android. Other than this, in case of PC connection, users do not require the installation of additional software on their computer devices. Instead, they have to use the browser to connect the phone to PC, transfer files bidirectional manner, while manage the phone device by using Xender for PC.

3. Free App without any Limitation on Type/Size of Files

Xender app is available free from online stores, and it does not contain any limitation on type or size of files. Because of this, users can send both small and big files in the same way.

4. Provides Easy Contacts’ Transfer and Backup Facility

Other than sharing/transferring of data/files at the highest possible speed, Xender file transfer app features easy transfer of contacts and backup facility from any of your old devices to the new ones quickly.

5. Intuitive User Interface

Lastly, Xender file transfer app features a highly intuitive user interface. Accordingly, users may give personal names to their phone devices or set up their profile photos. In this way, other friends may recognize users.

In conclusion, we should say that Xender app is a mandatory one for all types of mobile and PC users worldwide.