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There were days when the range of blackberry cell phones was highly in demand due to its durability and extremely cool look. Even though the series is on its edge of going extinct, yet many of the business class along with individual class devices are still in use by its loyal users. Xender is multi functional feature of blackberry devices has always been praised by its users. Apart from keeping records, maintaining data and network connectivity, sharing files is also frequently required as one of the main task. For sharing files in fraction of second, people often use Xender for Blackberry free download.

The revolutionary development of technology is paying back in the form of various utility apps. These applications facilitates in the implementation of various function through smart phones. Transferring useful data, files is one of the most important errands. This task could easily be handled by Xender file sharing app. People can effortlessly share any size and types of file among two or more devices with zero use of external cable connection. The file transferring process through Xender is very convenient on android based phones. Due to the large number of accessibility, people easily get same protocol on android based operating systems.  But it has a different scenario for blackberry Smartphone which you would explore by going through to this article.

Xender for BlackBerry free download – Traits

Xender is a well known file transferring application which works without accessing internet connection. This application’s function resembles to wifi working. It is capable of sharing data among more than two devices. Let’s have a look on features which makes it stand out of the line

  • Xender application transfer unlimited size of file.
  • It supports all kind of file including pdf, audio, video, movies, documents, high end graphics, games, pictures and more.
  • 10 mbps file sharing speed is the wow feature which reduces the time consumption while transferring files.
  • Hassle free connectivity with the usage of zero cables for linking devices.
  • It is compatible for all kind of devices whether it is smartphone, computer and tablet with preinstalled xender app.
  • It does not require internet connection at all.
  • It is available for free of cost to its users.
  • Well known for its safe and secure data sharing feature.
  • It performs faster than Bluetooth.
  • It is capable of sharing data simultaneously with different gadgets at the same time.
  • Attuned with all types of operating system namely windows, iOS, Android and more.
  • It provides multi-language support for smooth process.

Xender for Blackberry download

One of the best file sharing application i.e. Xender is compatible with all kind of operating system. It facilitates its users in transferring documents and media files from one device to another. Blackberry users who are looking for an app to transfer their important data in fraction of second, they should download Xender for blackberry without giving a thought. Luckily Xender is available on google play store at zero cost which means android users need not to pay a single penny and it is absolutely free for use. Users with android devices can refer our dedicated article for understanding Xender for android downloading process.

Sadly, Xender app is not available independently for users with blackberry devices. Yet need not to worry as you can install this wonderful file sharing app trough APK Version. These apk versions are available on different platforms. You can find it with a tap on google search.

How to access Xender for transferring data between Blackberry with android

  • Before establishing connection, ensure that sender and receiver devices has xender in it.
  • Turn on wifi available on settings option of device.
  • Launch the preinstalled xender application on blackberry device and wait for few seconds.
  • With launching you will see options for sending or receiving a file. So for sending data on other devices, choose ‘Send’ as shown in picture
  • With this, connection would establish successfully for further process. Now get back to app and click on receive option.
  • You can locate the name of android phone name in search box. Click on the respective xender based android phone.
  • Minimize the box and launch wifi settings again. Search for network available nearby you. The box would look like below mention pic.
  • Once the connection establishes successfully, return to minimized box of xender and confirm the connection made successfully.
  • Here with, the connection between android based device and blackberry is ready for sharing files.

Now you are all set to transfer unlimited sizes of any types of file from android based device to blackberry device or vice versa. Above mentioned process could be followed for transferring data from android to iphone and iPAD devices as well using xender.

Unlike bluetooth, Xender is capable of sending 50MB file in fraction of seconds. Hence, for those people who are looking for a graphical media and important document transfer application, they can opt for xender for blackberry. This is one of the fastest sharing apps which save data transfer time. Not to mention that xender is compatible with all types of operating system platforms. Incredibly, xender facilitates in sharing important documents among PC devices to rest connected devices with preinstalled xender.

The immense popularity of xender could be analyzed by observing its number of downloads which has reached up to millions. It is proved that xender is an extremely safe and secure application for sharing important and even confidential data too. There is no need of being worried for significant expenses as xender does not depends on any mobile information based software.


In the long run, we have summed up all the relevant information for accessing Xender for Blackberry. If you find it useful, do spread the words about this wonderful flash speed file sharing application among your friends so that they would get benefitted as well. Also help us in exploring more information about xender by dropping your queries. We would love to assist further.